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My name is Ira Khadar and I am a founder of Reka Shot.


I started my career path in human rights. I saw incredible suffering and immense strength. This taught me that strength does not always look how you expect it to look and it can be found in all people of all ages, genders and races.


Though I switched to photography several years ago, I still get inspired by transformation and empowerment of a human being. Today I help people to surface their inner confidence and present it to the world through business portraits and personal branding photography. 


Additionally, I studied styling at the London College of Fashion and I directed weekly portrait shoots for a fashion brand for three years. I am happy to share my expertise when it comes to styling and visual representation of your brand. 

Today Reka Shot offers professional commercial photography services. We specialise in business and personal branding portraits for our clients. We also offer e-commerce and creative product photography. 


We will be happy to hear from you to help your brand grow. Feel free to email or WhatsApp us. You can also use a contact form below. 



What does Reka mean?

Reka is not a random word. It means "river" in many languages and many photography assignments have similar patterns to the water flow. It can be tranquil or challenging but it will always take you somewhere.

Where are you based?

We are based in The Netherlands, but we we accept orders for our product photography services from abroad. Feel free to email or WhatsApp us.

What is your KVK number?

It's 78755824.



How can I deliver my product to you for a photo shoot?

You can send it via post or drop it in person. However during the COVID-19 times, the smartest way would be to ship it by post. 

How will I receive the photos of my product?

You will receive it via a on-line upload platform of your choice (Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.)

When should I order product images?

We recommend you to contact us at least 14 days before the pictures should be ready. 



If I urgently need a new business portrait, can I contact you?

Yes, you can definitely contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes as soon as possible. 

Why shall I order a business portrait from you?

We focus on bringing your inner strength to the surface to create a powerful and compelling image. Your business portrait should influence people and we are good at achieving that. 

Do you have a stylist during the portrait shoot?

Complimentary stylist' services are included in the photoshoot fees. All our clients receive a "get yourself prepared" kit before the shooting day and are helped with their clothing during the session.

Do you need a makeup artist for a portrait shoot?

This is not required if you are confident in your make up and hair styling skills. Otherwise, having a make up/hair artist at the shoot is extremely beneficial for a better result. Let us know in advance if you would like to have one presented during the session. 

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