Let Me Introduce Myself

My 2020 got off to a flying start. Work-related exhaustion, therapy and wistful attempts to peek into a better future. For three years leading to this moment, I worked full-time, commuted daily to a different city, and photographed and retouched multiple products a day. It started to feel like Groundhog Day and brought me to the realisation that I needed to try growing professionally on my own. I have previously worked in NGOs, international organisations and for a start-up, but being my own boss was totally new territory for me. Scary!


By March I joined a community of female entrepreneurs and created a professional website. I was about to make an appointment at the Chamber of Commerce, but at precisely that moment, COVID-19 landed in the Netherlands. Like so many other people, this forced me to rethink many of my plans.

What helped me to go through this time of uncertainty most of all were my fellow entrepreneurs. Girls that I met in the community I had joined right before the isolation. There were so many insightful lectures, useful masterminds and emotional check-ins. All the deep conversations we had via Zoom and later in person made me aware of how much I appreciate people and how much I admire my fellow working women and working mothers.


I came out of quarantine a new person. I had a deep desire to show to the world the inner strength people have. I lived and worked in eleven different countries and changed two careers. I am very inspired by those who build their own brands and businesses, because that is what I am doing myself right now. I am deeply inspired by women who go back in employment after having a break because I have done it too. All of these experiences make me love doing business and personal branding portraits. I have the tools and passion to translate inner power into meaningful images. Images that will help people to achieve their goals.

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